Photo by Derek Scearce

My name is Matt Laskowski, also known as "fox-orian" around the internet.

I'm a professional digital mixed media artist, meaning I pursue creating anything from intricate hand-drawn illustrations, to capturing the world around me with photography and video. One moment I'm 3D modelling architecture, the next I'm designing a website for an online comic I'm writing. I have a passion for learning so I can mix new skills together to create things that engage with people as best as I can make them.

I'm an avid (and competitive) gamer, movie theorizer, Boards of Canada lover, and technophile. By the way, in the photo there, that on my leg is my pet bunny. His name is Pop-tart. Say hello to Pop-tart.

Really! Feel free to email me at matt(at) with any of your questions (or, potential offers!)