Hello! I'm Matt Laskowski.

I'm a professional digital artist living and working in Boston, MA. Since graduating The Art Institute of Boston [formerly AIB / now 'LUCAD'] in 2009, I've been producing high quality illustrations, 3D rendering, and production art for clients that include Neoscape Inc, Northeastern University, and indie game developers such as Axolot Games.

Outside of art production, I enjoy script writing for my personal comic project, practicing photography regularly, exploring the city, nerding out on dissecting story plots, or getting lost in some of the latest video games.







'ORIANART' is not a studio or company. It's the name of my personal brand as derived from my long-standing internet handle: 'fox-orian.'

What's this site made with?

This site was coded by myself using Dreamweaver and Responsee, a responsive CSS framework as the foundation. The image lightbox script used is Chocolat.js.