I graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2009 focusing in illustration and digital media. I primarily work digitally with Clip Studio Paint being my app of choice.

I've done 2D illustration work for indie games, editorial illustration, and concept pieces for larger scale projects in my time at Neoscape.

3D Rendering

Since 2014, I’ve worked as a 3D Digital Artist for Neoscape, a Boston-based studio specializing in Architectural Vizualization, branding/marketing, and interactive experiences.

Seen here is a small selection of work I’ve done for clients using tools such as 3D Studio Max and V-Ray to help bring their projects to life. If you have specific inquiries regarding viz work, feel free to contact me.


I've helped storyboard some of the more technical / choreographed films at Neoscape in order to help convey our ideas to the client during pre-production. Below are a selection of boards from a few different films with their finished shot to the right.