Production Assets

After graduating college, I worked on several indie mobile game projects on a freelance basis. Below are some examples of hand-painted backgrounds and in-game assets I produced during that time.

Concept & Development

I love creating environments, scenery, and details that help flesh out a world, or tell a story.

Here are some examples of concept sketches and storyboards I've done in the past for both personal and professional projects to explore and convey ideas visually.

3D Rendering

Since 2014, I’ve worked as a 3D Digital Artist for Neoscape, a Boston-based studio specializing in Architectural Vizualization, branding/marketing, and interactive experiences.

Seen here is a selection of still renderings and screenshots from films I’ve work on with countless architects and developers from around the world to help bring their projects to life.

These images were created with 3D Studio Max and V-Ray, using Photoshop or After Effects for compositing and post-production finishing.

2D Architectural Visualization

Not all my work at Neoscape necessitated the use of 3D rendering. Every so often, an image in a project would be best suited to a 2D illlustration.

Here are a few examples of this work, completed with the use of either Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, and Wacom graphic tablets.